Tuesday, May 31, 2011

thedailydigi is AWESOME!

all materials from the dailydigi exclusive member kits.
i LOVE them:)
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a sebastian page:)

kit by oceanwidedesigns
i am not sure where i got the template though:(
i have a full powerscrap folder with pictures from the weekend, but they will have to wait until i get the house back in order.
i am soooo not ready for the summer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

it's time to scrap some paper:)

or so i tell myself everyday.
since i started scrapping digitally, it has become harder and harder to pull out all the stuff.
even with a very minimal stash i can become overwhelmed very easily.
maybe that is why i was so good with design teams?
anyways, this is a page made entirely out of scraps.

i even used my cricut...though i didn't hook it up to scal....that's straight up cartridge there:)

and i used my little sidekick for my tab and hearts.
and some OLD stamps:)
GO ME!!!!!!!!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

powerscrapping @ it's best:)

templates by biografitti, alpha by jady day studios, tape @designhousedigital.
very minimal design...but so absolutely perfect:)

todays scrap:)

freebie templates and kits from the quarterly assortment from sweetshoppedesigns.

from that to this: tiffany tillman

tiffany tillman is doing a yearlong series of freebie templates on her blog.
free? i am sooooooo there!

my process is so different with digital scrapping than it was with traditional.
i place my photos first and then figure out how to switch things around.

i left this template pretty much as is.
tiffany tillman is awesome:)
paper and elements by karla dudley.`

Friday, May 27, 2011

@ the zoo with zoe:)

mr.smith called and let me know that you forgot your sandwich @ home.
you were very UPSET.
so i got dressed and took the bus and met your class @ the staten island zoo.
i am so very happy i did, even though my camera batteries ran out and i was only able to get 15 pictures...but i treasure the time i spent there. with you.
you are my heart and soul, zorro:)

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this is what happens:)

when i have a CRAZY week and need to take a break:)
supplies are a freebie add-on from decadesigns.
SOOOOOOOO very pretty:)
be back later with some new ideas and projects...lots cooking in my head.
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Thursday, May 26, 2011

God wants me to:

ever since i can remember, every time things fall apart or something bad happens, i like to think that God is giving me a sign.
today God clearly wants me to to take a breather, regroup and approach things in a different way.
i have to agree with God and make this a day of reflection and  re-organization.
one of the things i am doing is "throwing away 50 things a week".
clutter is one of my triggers. i can't stand it and when it gets to a certain point i feel like i need to explode.
God knows i have tried hard to keep it under control, but with three girls from 14-10 it feels like a losing battle.
it makes me angry and frustrated and annoys me to end.
so every day i wake up and i put things away and i clean up and i let the resentment simmer.
why is it so hard to clean up after yourself? seriously?
and then i think back on the way i was raised. i was not guided to do things. i HAD to do things on my own. maybe there is where all these feelings come from.
or maybe not. i am not sure.
sometimes i think that in my desire to give my own children everything i did not have i have pushed them in a wrong direction. to believe that someone will always be there to fix things when they go wrong or to pick up their messes or to remind them to do the things that they should know they need to do.
these teenage years are going to be rough, i can feel it in my bones.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

another practice page.

i seriously need new wedding pictures.
we are going to one in june.
thank GOD!
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organizing the leftover prints.

a while back i made three up books with the kids pictures.
i have a LOT of closeup, photo session type pictures so that is probably where those will stay.
and it is ok. they like going thru them.
no journaling or decoration. just straight up pictures, but they ARE organized by person and they will probably take those with them when they leave the nest.

the rest went into photo boxes, categorized by miss stacy julian's library of memories system.
my working 8.5x11 binders are this way and they are very loose and organic. no chronological system whatsoever:)

to make the bulk more manageable i am organizing the pictures i will work on like this.
my printed pictures are finite...so i will be able to get them done.
i just need some motivation:)

i have a LOT of adhesive.

i need to get moving:)))))

organizing:) YAY!!!!!

my to do list:)

and this what i will be doing today:)

an update on my little library of memories book:)

remember this book.
it is totally a happy thing:)

while cleaning out AGAIN, i found these pages in a half-finished small album.
i ran out of pictures so most of the pages were empty in the book and there was no way to alter it.
so i chucked it.
the pages are now happily living in my half pint binder:)

this was a happy, happy time for us:)

i miss her ever.single.day.
and i think i will till the day i see her again:)
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branching out a little:)

i have zero current pictures.
unfortunately we are in a time period where where there just aren't many photo ops.
the weather has been dismal, dreary and non-condusive to happy scrapping:)
so i am organizing for some kick ass traditional paper scrappage.
more on that later.

i made this page using the latest scrapmatters blog train stuff.
note to self...buy this kit. it is AWESOME!

and then i resorted to stealing pics off of facebook from my mom.
template and title by katie pertiet.
paperkit by jennbarrette.
be back later on how i am organizing my leftover printed pictures.

Monday, May 23, 2011

project life: fell off the wagon too:)

...i saw this blog by cathy Z. this morning.
my problem is that i an current on my pictures: meaning that i have NOTHING new to scrap.
digital-really caught up me!
so we'll see what the week brings:)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

now this i REALLY REALLY love:)

my SIL sent me this picture today. it had some RAD sunrays in it so i actioned it with a sunflare and tweaked the color a little. i think this is a magical picture...and i HATE the word magical.
just so you know.
that is how much i love this picture:)
i used w2's crazy in love kit and a freebie template by studio 68.
think i will print it as a 16x20 and frame it for my picture wall.
that's how much i LOVE it:)

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nothing makes me happier....

because we live so far away from each other, i have missed my nephew's first year.
they live in orlando, we live in the NYC.
words cannot explain how much it breaks my heart that we have lost all the moments that make a baby's first year special.
i have pictures and videos and though they can never replace the person to person experience, it is nonetheless special to me.
my sebastian will have a big fat album of memories from his grandmatiti chela and i hope that it will transmit some of the love i have for him.

we love you guys so very, very, MUCH:)
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Friday, May 20, 2011

i LOVE this kid:)

template by tiffanytillmanstudios and modifies a little
kit by mistycato
title by deenarutter
photocorners by karla dudley
i am so proud of my daughter's work ethic...even though she drives me wacky sometimes:)
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from this to that: digital:).

this is the original template by kwresh via thedailydigi.com
the first thing i do is place my pictures into the template...SO opposite from the way i scrap traditionally. sometimes i will just sit and place pictures into templates and store them onto a folder on my desktop.

after i have the pictures on the template, i'll take a good look at it and see if it works.
and then i proceed to take away most of the embellishment layers.
i did leave the staples and the dot scatter.

paper and elements from designhousedigitals
title from aliedwards.
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