Tuesday, May 3, 2011

minimizing and organizing.

i had a MAJOR organization flurry today.
maybe it is the meds...i don't know:)

most of my embellishments are in shoeboxes by color.
i also decided to consolidate all my essential, basic stuff in one box. less to pull out. 

all the pages with the wonky punched holes. i am hoping to make LOTS of hybrid pages so i can fill up my red ac binder and my 8.5 x 11 library of memories. maybe i will even use up some of my stash of pattern paper and cardstock:) YAY!

i cut the border off the page where i had punched the page, taped it onto a piece of 8 x8 kraft cardstock, added a few little MM litters and some su silver cord with staples. easy and done.
one of the things i miss the most when digi scrapping is writing on my pages. this way i am able to get some handwriting on my pages and still have a lot of pictures or journaling.

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