Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What is scrapbooking, really?

To say I have been suffering from a bit of existential questioning is an understatement.
At the start of 2006 I found myself at the end of a long rope.
Space in my small townhouse was disappearing at an alarming rate, the kids were all in the middle of huge changes and I was at a standstill.
I started having strange physical symptoms and was bounced from doctor to doctor. No-one could figure out what was wrong. I felt like I was falling apart. Literally.
One of the DRs I went to sat me down and told me that my body was only manifesting the huge amounts of anxiety and stress that I was storing up. He suggested going to a psychiatrist, so i did. I was so desperate to find some answers...ANY answers.
The answer I found were no the ones I necessarily wanted, but they were the right ones.
I made changes. I went to therapy. I got medication.I slowly built myself back up, little by little.
There were times when I wondered if my body would just give out, with heart scare, anxiety attacks, a few surgeries for kidney stones and cysts and finally...breaking my foot during a workout. Thru it all I kept my chin high and took all the shots. With a smile.
If there is one thing I have, it is humor. And sarcasm.
So here I am at another crossroads.
And I am accepting the challenge and I am making it work, because I can.
And I will...there is no other option.
The scrapping is a manifestation of the changes I am making.
More minimal. More simple. Happier:)

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