Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The state of the scrap.

I have been thinking of ways to start this post for a long time.
Actually, I have started writing it...but then I chicken out or I forget or I just plain cannot figure out what to say.
This blog has been about scrap booking for a long time and it will continue to serve it's original function: a place for me to dump all my pages and creative things and onceinawhile vents.
Since going digital pretty much full on, I have all but abandoned the traditional paper side of the craft.I have since quit my paper addiction cold turkey and was able to successfully downsize the amount of paper products in my stash. This radical change was born more out of the necessity of trying to claim my space and minimizing the distractions than anything else. I will admit that it was hard! I was a stone cold paper junkie for sure.
My desire to paperScrap has been dwindling to barely nothing in the last few months. I still have a few boxes of printed pictures that I would love to do something with, but the pull is more towards keeping current and relevant with the life I am living now.
Think of it as my way of staying in the present.
Little by little I will be storing those boxes of pictures in 3-up albums and maybe writing a few lines of journaling. The best pictures I will probably scan and use in digital pages, but the way i scrap has been changed forever.
i think it is a good thing:)

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