Thursday, May 12, 2011

right now:) i am LOVING my new albums.

i am enjoying liberating myself from plastic:)
NO MORE SHEET PROTECTORS...well, just for my digital pages:)
but it's something, huh?

i got all these wrmk albums for $3.00 each.
that was a happy day! i also have a black one and three more of the taupe.

the blue one houses all the mylife,mystory pages
this is the best way EVER to document everyday life.
it is like my digital project life, but in single pages.
all the pages use the same templates and the same background colors. nice and continuous and chronological and AWESOME. i switch it up with a few pattern papers here and there, but not by much.

i have my all about me book in a yellow album.
it pretty much rocks!

loose pages go into the black book.
these are everyday things that do not go into any other book.
i like to call it my little memories book:)

 and the taupe albums are our yearly books.
everything goes in there.
since i am caught up on current pictures this is a great way to store stuff.
the books are 8x8, very easy to handle and COMPACT!
waaaaayyyyy better than the ac binders i was using before.
THOSE i am using for hybrid pages.
this might not work for everyone, but it is for me.
i also have 8.5x11 binders set up with stacy julian's library of memories and i hope to start doing pages for those with my printed pictures.
like i said...there is room for everything under the sun in scrapbooking:)

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