Tuesday, May 24, 2011

organizing the leftover prints.

a while back i made three up books with the kids pictures.
i have a LOT of closeup, photo session type pictures so that is probably where those will stay.
and it is ok. they like going thru them.
no journaling or decoration. just straight up pictures, but they ARE organized by person and they will probably take those with them when they leave the nest.

the rest went into photo boxes, categorized by miss stacy julian's library of memories system.
my working 8.5x11 binders are this way and they are very loose and organic. no chronological system whatsoever:)

to make the bulk more manageable i am organizing the pictures i will work on like this.
my printed pictures are finite...so i will be able to get them done.
i just need some motivation:)

i have a LOT of adhesive.

i need to get moving:)))))

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