Wednesday, September 28, 2011

moving out the freebies:)

i LOVE the colors in this kit. so what if it is from 2009? LOL.
i couldn't find the preview for the template though:(
just knowing that i am using up some freebies is SOOOOOOO awesome:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

lots of pictures:)

i took about 150 pictures @ annalyse's first birthday party.


i love mandagirl's templates for lots of pictures. this one is the latest freebie on her blog. i modified it a little to make it my own. i like it:)
all supplies by

Friday, September 23, 2011

recent digital projects:)

i made a costco digital photobook  for zoe's birthday:)

the pages are 11x8.5.
i follow a big picture +  layout formula when i make costco albums.
events are sooo much easier to scrap now. i just put them into one simple album and it is all done:)

i also got 8 pages printed. now that summer is over the picture taking slows down, so i can save up a few pages and print them out @ costco instead of waiting to place a big order @ persnickety.
i was able to scrap 30 pictures for about $12.00. not bad...and the pages are all done and ready to go into albums. and flat too:)

another freebie getting used:)

this kit was a freebie, but it is a keeper.
i really like secret stash:)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

rocking the freebies:)

i am posting the previews because i never remember to save the urls.
after this 2 pager the freebie is going bye-bye:)
templates by get it scrapped and modified:)

sometimes a quickpage....... the best thing evah:)
i am power*scrapping today, so i have a lot of almost done pages just waiting to be finished:)
it's a good thing.
i am going thru my paper stuff and giving away about 90% of it.
will be keeping the tools and cardstock because i want to do hybrid...but most of the little thingies will de gone. i am going thru another minimize stage.
that's another good thing.

my little sebastian boy:)

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

today's work:)

using up the freebies and then hitting delete, delete, delete:)

my cutie sebastian:)

every picture i have of him is a little treasure just waiting to be scrapped:)
the template is by get it scrapped and i modified it.
kit by jenCK.

getting back into a digi state of mind:)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

after almost fifteen years:)

...the paper has got to go:(
i have purged and minimized and hoped that the love would come back, but it hasn't:(
the last few days i have taken out the paper stuff and tried...but all i do is get frustrated and upset and just plain bleh.
the last few weeks have bought me blessing upon blessing and it is time to throw some good energy out into the world.
i am keeping some cardstock and supplies, but the bulk of it will be going to a good and loving hone...i hope. the truth of it is that while it has been a good is time to give it up and put my energies into photography and digital scrapping. this is where my heart is now..
will keep everyone posted on what happens:)

every little counts....

i have been doing quite a bit of paper scrapping.
totally did not realize that there are sooooo many little bits of stories that are in a photo box:( no bueno.
i have a library of memories -type set up in 12x12, 8.5x11,8x8 and 5.5x8.5.
this particular page is a  "place we go" page with 11 pictures of chloe on a vacation we took in 1999.
everything is old stash, since i have not bought anything paper related except adhesive and a paper trimmer is a LOOONNNGGGGG time

i love this page:)
i am also proud to say that i am caught up with my digital printing:)
it feels AWESOME~~~!!!!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

stuff from last nite:)

still have tons of current pictures)

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

going plastic free (mostly).

a big huge part of my scrap*booking has revolved around plastic.
specifically page protectors. 
those things have been the bane of my existence.
from getting an album to finding protectors that fit. UGH.
lately i have been contemplating just forgoing it completely.
i made the move with my digital pages and it has been awesome.
now that i am doing old prints i am going to simpler pages.
and it is easier to just punch holes on a page and throw it in a book.
i just make sure that everything is secure.
and i can knock out one more thing that i spend tons of money on.
we'll see where this takes me:)

digital scrap for today:)

Monday, September 12, 2011

the fruits......

of today's labor:)
kraft, kraft and more kraft!

i dislike owls.....

but i will make an exception for this page:)
look at my BOY!!!....actually both of them!
freebie page and titles from jady day studios.

pencil-lines blog:)

my take on the sketch...haven't done a pencil-lines in AGES:)

paper and elements: the dailydigi
words: karla dudley

Friday, September 9, 2011

school scrap:)

i download freebies and i USE 'em:)

my little box of happy:)

let me introduce you to my box of paper scraps. 

are you like me and ALWAYS order at least one duplicate of your digital pages?
i do it all the time.

a little 8.5x11 hybrid page.

made this little lollipop flower to fill in some space and give the page some dimension.

a hodge*podge of SU, basic grey and bazzill CS.
i LIKE it:)

one 12x12 = 9 pictures.

frugal = cheap and i have become the world's cheapest scrapper:)
after years and years and years of hoarding and accumulating i decided that enough was enough.
one huge purge and a lot of small de-cluttering fixes, i am left with a hodgepodge of stuff that i am determined to use because, well...i can:)
this is one of those type of pages.

i went thru ALL of my kids' birthdays that were already printed and triaged like CRAZY!
most are in project life page protector that i will eventually get embellished, some i chucked all-together and there were some that were put into my little box of library of memories pictures.
i had nine pictures that i wanted to make sure were on a single 12x12.

figuring out how to out them together on a 12x12.

finishing the page. i added a strip of SU paper, some tags and letter stickers.

i am forgoing the journaling because i really don't have much to say about that day (my brain is swiss cheese these days).
and that is that:)
ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh.