Tuesday, September 6, 2011


well, sort of:)
the girls are going back to school, so i am putting all things scrap together in one place.
and the winner is ZOE'S ROOM:)

she has my desk now, so i took over just a little teeny,tiny amount of space in her room.
we ALL use the desk so that has to b cleaned immediately after someone works there.
my 2 containers of pictures to scrap are in one corner and my 12x12 paper is on the other side of the desk.

everything i own is in some type of square of rectangular container.
95% of them live on top of zoe's bookcase.

the paper corner
 8.5x11 in a wire file basket
12x12 boxes of punches and scissor-y stuff.

and my picture prints. i have not printed anything except the odd enlargement for about three years since going digital.
and that is tour of my ultra-sleek, minimalistic corner of the world:)

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