Friday, July 31, 2009

and the blog candy goes to:)

please send me an email with your addy, so i can ship ASAP!!!!:)

Blogger thinkscrap said...

pick me, pick me! loL! Love all your layouts and you are challenging me to get some scrapping done if I can ever lay this baby down long enough =) She is just too much fun to snuggle with after her feeding.


HHH Unity Post: 7/31

it's been one of those crazy weeks.
i finally was able to sit and get a few projects done yesterday.
used the Little Me is soooooooooooo CUTE!
i also made the last card with the gratitude=joy set.
cards are based on sketches....don't ask me which ones cause i can't remember! LOL
there is also a blog candy post if you scroll down a bit:) just add a comment and i'll draw a random # tonite:)

card 27
card 28 and 29

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Bullet Points:

this has been a week of cleaning and de-cluttering.
i hate clutter. drives me wacky.
i need a few days to rest!!!!
please scroll down for my blog candy. will be drawing it on friday:)
be back next's Zoe's B'day on saturday!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

that 100 pages i sooooooo CLOSE!

my photography skills are not winning me any prizes, but i am getting CLOSE to that 100 mark.
i sent two whole days de-cluttering the house and i can finally breathe!
i found the pictures on the b'day page on an OLD 2 page spread that was i fixed it.
and it was good.

page 70:) GOOOOOO ME!
page 71: one more page and i finish the wedding album:)

Monday, July 27, 2009

My First Blog CANDY!!!!

i cleaned out my expedit and i have a surplus of STUFF!
no scrap caca:) there will be mini-albums, pattern paper and other misc. goodies for YOU:)
guaranteed you will LOVE it!
just leave a comment on this post and i will post the winner on friday:)

Page 69! what a milestone:)

page 69 of my 100 page challenge. WOW.
it is hard to believe that i have actually scrapped this amount of pages without buying ANYTHING except adhesive. This page was made with a bunch of scraps punched into circles.
very minimal. just like the art in the pictures:) You will see a LOT of this paper in the next few days:)

The extent of my paper stash....

in the pursuit of simplicity, i have been condensing, condensing.
my goal is to be able to store ALL my scrapping/stamps/crafts stuff into one(maybe two) expedit bookcases.
since i have been scrapping my stash i have been able to get the pattern paper down to an almost manageable size.
a little peek at my paper storage, as it stands right now:)
a little stack of paper trays. hope to be able to fit these into the expedit and stores ALL my paper someday. for now my SU pattern paper resides there. i like knowing that there WILL be an end to it all:) LOL. i like accountability:)
my box of 8.5x11 cardstock is the best:) i do 8.5x11 exclusively i hardly buy any 12x12 cardstock. eventually i hope to buy something pretty to store it in, but for now this will do.
12x12 paper is store in ONE expedit cubby.wooohoooo. it is going down in size:) that's a GOOD thing!


i have been joking for years on end that we ALL could probably scrap for years on the stash we have on hand. It wasn't until the bad economy hit home that i actually believed it. Recent trips to my local craft stores have found me leaving empty-handed, not because of lack of money, but because of not finding any product that i absolutely LOVED. my 40 and 50% coupons have been used for adhesives not embellishments. Go figure.

My 100 pages/card journey has helped me more than to just downsize the stash. Making do and using the product on hand has forced me to look at the reasons why i scrapbook. it's not a competition to see who has the most embellishments on a page, or who has the coolest stuff. my scrapping is a journey and i am at the fun part of it:)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

new wedding pages:)

all papers from SU. almost done with the wedding album.

page 67
page 68

Friday, July 24, 2009


or the art of the C.A.S.E.
sooner or later all scrappers do it:)
so to make my life easier i case and i scrap-lift and i copy. 
it is sooooo much fun!
this one is from AL Recipes book.
note the similarities and the differences. i can't even copy things right:) LOLOLOLOL
still using up the SU stuff. i got a new (to me)  pack of Bali Breeze from my friend Michelle. she has the BEST blog candy and sends it right away!
check her card sketches on my sidebar:)

page 66

Unity HHH 7/24 : LOVIN the stampage:)

i took out ALL my SU pattern paper this week and i am USING IT UP:)
all paper and cs SU, unity stamps and misc. stuff.
LOVIN it!!!!

page 63
page 64
page 65

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Today's work:)

i just redid these pictures today. still condensing pages.
these were spread on five pages, can you believe?
the card is based on one of the unity challenges for today.
same formula as always: unity stamps, pattern paper and some misc. embellies.

page 6o, 61
page 62
card 26

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

DCBD Sketch challenge #137

i really need to build up my card supply, so i am trying to keep up with some blog challenges.
used DCWV green stack paper, papertrey ocean tides cardstock and ink, ripe avocado ink and ribbon from the dollar store.
card 25:)

TGIF #5 Challenge and SCS Color Too:)

I LOVE michelle's TGIF sketches...even though i never get to them until the middle of the week.
i also used the lastest color scheme challenge from splitcoast.
used: SU not quite navy, really rust and pink pirouette (it was supposed to be pretty in pink)
stamps are UNITY:) and the card is embossed with a cuttlebug folder.
card 24

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

CPS Sketch # 125

i think this is the last of the AC paper i was using before...though i just might be able to pull a few more off unless i throw it out! LOL.
using the usual: unity stamps, pattern paper and cardstock.
i recently got out the chipboard box... i will be using it up too! 
card 23

DCBD COlor Challenge #136

ok... i am KICKING AND SCREAMING, trying to use this years SU in-colors. for some reasong they just do not appeal to me, even though i LOVE bright colors.
this was a really good challenge for me.
colors were melon mambo, crushed curry, tempting turquiose, old olive and black. i used whatever scraps were on the table, plus my newly re-discovered chipboard stash:)
page # 59 

Raspberry Suite # 12

staying on the challenge track:)
this is one of Dawn McVey's color challenges. i am ALWAYS looking through her blog and find er cards so simple ad elegant.
here is my interpretation of the colors she chose this time.
i used papertrey raspberry fizz, spring moss and SU vanilla and bravo burgundy.
stamps are Unity
ribbon from the dollar store.
card 22

Monday, July 20, 2009

ARE YOU READY for the AC????

no tivo, no computer and the stairs repainted.
i just scrapped until my fingers hurt:) LOL
i used up all this AC paper. all like five sheets of it:)
though there are still a few scraps for little cards.

page 54
page 55
page 56
page 57
page 58

FUN Mojo Monday 96

i have a LOTS of stuff to share today, so this will be a quick post!
used a bunch of scraps from my last bunch of pages, plus some of my favorite unity images.
i even used my incolor markers:)
card # 22

Saturday, July 18, 2009

cake, dog and a page:) # 53. still working on my brother's wedding album. i only have about 4 pages left in the album. can't wait to get it to them.
used unity stamps as usual:)

who's that poochy dog? it's my little shadow buddy. i LOVVVVEEEEE him. he is my beautiful little puppy boy. he is already almost 7 months old, can you believe?

and the cake i made today. homemade yellow cake with dulce de leche filling and caramel icing.
ohhhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhhh. sooooooo gooooood:)

Friday, July 17, 2009

if you follow or even look at my blog:)

take a second and check out my friend michelle's blog:

she is doing a card sketch challenge and she has stuff to win. like for freeeeeee!!!

plus the sketches are super cool:)

Yesterday pages:)

i was trying to upload these pages yesterday but blogger was no cooperating.
scroll down for this week's unity hip hop entry, it's the post below!
Lately i have been ALL about the photo collage on my pages. there's only so much room in this house for albums...and i have been trying to condense.
as usual, my mix of unity stamps, pattern paper and a few embellishments.

page 51
page 52

Unity HHH: 7/17 and Kwerner Color Inspiration too! i am still working on my florida pages. they will never, ever be done:)
but it's ok:)
still channeling the KWerner color inspiration palette and using up a bunch of OLD stuff.
ahhhhh happiness! 

page 49....ALMOST AT 50!!!!!!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Kwerner Color Inspiration# 56 can someone tell me why i make a BIGGER mess and a longer time when i do cards?
just wondering?
used rose red, ballet blue, saffron, pumpkin, WW and a little wild wasabi, cause i have no certainly celery left. and some unity stamps.
how i love unity stamps.

card 21

CPS Sketch 124

using a 3.5x3.5 cad with rockabilly scraps and unity stamps.
card 20

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

100 page post: 7/15

broke out the SU rockabilly:) added some unity stamps and buttons.
i am ALL for the simple-er pages these days. the more pics on a page, the better:)

page 46
page 47-48

Movie and Media roundup: July 15

ok. so if you know me, even a know that i am the biggest movie geek EVER!
you name it, i've seen it.
In the interest of remembering what i have watched lately, i am adding the M&M Roundup to the blog. Just little tidbits of info on thing i have enjoyed in the last few weeks.
***WARNING: all opinions on any shows, movies or anything else for that matter is strictly my own...and my kids. maybe my husband and the dog too:)
Let the Right One In:
i have seen many a vampire film. Maybe, just maybe i have watched them all:)
this movie takes the vampire genre and mixes it with puppy love, making sure that it takes place in the most nondescript time period of all: 1982.
i am sure that the overdubbing was flawed, but the central themes of the movie were very marked. In a nutshell the movie is about a bullied boy of 12 who shows every serial killer in the making characteristic. A man and his daughter move into the apartment next door, making for a very strange relationship.
it is a wonderful, haunting, well acted piece of film, plus it incited great conversation with the kids.

i LOVE sci-fi and horror. SERIOUSLY!
and this movie is just balls out, Godzilla-like, extras running around in circles GOOD.
of course, ANY sci-fi fan is going to nit-pick on the details, like how the statue of liberty's head is no in correct scale or how there are so many holes in the plot that the actual monster could fall through it.
it's fun and like i say to my DH... SUSPEND BELIEF. at least for a little while.

The Nanny Diaries:
Chick Flick. Just some good old fashioned fluff to cut through a week of serious movie/Dexter watching:) LOL.

and that is it for now...i think. More to come later including my love affair with Dexter (seasons 1-3) and why Big Brother is the single most BORING-EST show on TV right now.

Monday, July 13, 2009

100 page for today:)

these pictures are so fun that i couldn't cover them up or crop them too closely. i have been doing a lot of collages lately...there are many, many pictures that need to be scrapped and only a finite amount of space.
i "think" that this will be the last KI page for a while. maybe.

page 45:) almost there! wooohoooooo.

Mojo Monday 95:)

this is the last (i hope) of the KI least for now.
i used one of my favorite Unity image and colored it in with bic markers.
the rest is KI stuff, plus a little ribbon. 

card 19

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Animal Kingdom pages:)

i am never going to finish my kimemories colorful stuff. EVER:)
but the paper is really great with my animal kingdom pages, i have to admit.
just a few more examples of my useitup....i am using stickers that i have had for YEARS and YEARS:) forgive me for forgetting the names of the supplies, but i am so not that into knowing stuff anymore. that is what happens when you stop submitting for magazines:) LOL.

page 43
page 44: yes, those are jolee stickers. i have had them forever. SUE ME:) LOL
i was able to get nine pictures on 2 pages. YEAAAAAAAAA me!

CPS Sketch 123

another useitup card:)
the enjoy sentiment is from Unity.

card 18

Michelle's TGIF Sketch #4

i LOVED this sketch! i was able to use up a BUNCH of flowers.

card 17

Our Creative Corner Challenge Red, White and Blue

My take on the red, white and blue theme. i used baja breeze, a piece of KI colorful paper and a few misc. stickers.
this was a FUN challenge:)

card 16