Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Movie and Media roundup: July 15

ok. so if you know me, even a know that i am the biggest movie geek EVER!
you name it, i've seen it.
In the interest of remembering what i have watched lately, i am adding the M&M Roundup to the blog. Just little tidbits of info on thing i have enjoyed in the last few weeks.
***WARNING: all opinions on any shows, movies or anything else for that matter is strictly my own...and my kids. maybe my husband and the dog too:)
Let the Right One In:
i have seen many a vampire film. Maybe, just maybe i have watched them all:)
this movie takes the vampire genre and mixes it with puppy love, making sure that it takes place in the most nondescript time period of all: 1982.
i am sure that the overdubbing was flawed, but the central themes of the movie were very marked. In a nutshell the movie is about a bullied boy of 12 who shows every serial killer in the making characteristic. A man and his daughter move into the apartment next door, making for a very strange relationship.
it is a wonderful, haunting, well acted piece of film, plus it incited great conversation with the kids.

i LOVE sci-fi and horror. SERIOUSLY!
and this movie is just balls out, Godzilla-like, extras running around in circles GOOD.
of course, ANY sci-fi fan is going to nit-pick on the details, like how the statue of liberty's head is no in correct scale or how there are so many holes in the plot that the actual monster could fall through it.
it's fun and like i say to my DH... SUSPEND BELIEF. at least for a little while.

The Nanny Diaries:
Chick Flick. Just some good old fashioned fluff to cut through a week of serious movie/Dexter watching:) LOL.

and that is it for now...i think. More to come later including my love affair with Dexter (seasons 1-3) and why Big Brother is the single most BORING-EST show on TV right now.

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heathero said...

I liked cloverfield and the nanny diaries is cute - I still have the book to read