Friday, July 18, 2008

inside the expedit bookcase:)

Picture #1: i stored all my collections of KI paper and Spanish Memories in page planners from Smeade. I also have plastic cropper hopper files that store my stickers by categories. i have things like nature, words, quotes, rubon's etc.. Makes it very easy to find what i am looking for.

Picture #2: There are 2 of those boxes full of CS. One 8.5x11 and one 12x12. They are arranged by color and type of paper: bazzill, prism, ctmh, and DCWV.  i have a separate file box for SU paper under my desk since i only buy the 8.5x11. That is arranged in file folder by color family. You can also see on block of idea books. i have 2 of those:)

Picture #3: Mini-book storage. it is full now so i need to condense a little more:)

Picture #4: Cutting stuff and punches. Not much there  because i have pared down on the tools. i need to condense those two into one:)

Picture #5: Designer paper. i arranged my shelves by company and also by type for what was left over. EASY PEASY to find stuff. There's not TONS of paper left because i have scrapped a LOT of it in the last months.

and that is my storage bookcase!

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