Tuesday, September 16, 2008

so here i am:)

that's me in the first pic:)courtesy of photobooth.
and a summer page and my new lovely little niece (well...kinda, her dad is G's cousin first removed....or something to that eeffect, spanish families you know:) 
i am really REALLY trying to keep up the blogging.
Stuff that has happened in the last few weeks, bullet point style:
*went to the hospital, stayed in the hospital because of a kidney stone.
*came back home to the usual back to school stress.
*kiddos are safely entrenched in the school routine.
*attended first kid party of the season. barely made it out of chuck e cheese alive.
*going back for a second surgery on thursday.
*converted to the Stacy Julian Library of Memories method of scrapping. 
*scrapped a gazillion pages in between all the mess that is my chaotic life.
and that's it in a nutshell......

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