Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Confessions of a Hoarder:)

if you look thru my blog you will see all the various stages that my scrapbooking stash has gone thru.
from stacks upon stacks of 12x12 paper to boxes and boxes of embellishments that gathered dust.
i have collected and stashed away and have gotten that HIGH from getting a box of new more more than once. it is not different than any other addiction. it is a compulsion. for me, it became unhealthy.
so i cut it all out. i stopped buying. i stopped following the trends. the few purchases i have made were things that were re-usable, like stamps or tools. i use my 40-50% coupons for adhesive. i have no idea what is trendy or new or fashionable.
and you know what? i like it that way.
i guess i had to go cold turkey.
now i can go to michael's, get some adhesive and be able to walk away:)
it is a good feeling.
new old stash pages coming soon:)

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