Monday, February 7, 2011

a foray into hybrid-land.

while putting some layouts away this weekend, i ran out of 8x8 page protectors.
so i left this one lonely page on my desk.
not a good idea with all the craziness in this house.
so this morning i decided to see where playing with some paper would take me:)
there is not much left to use, so my ADD side was very, very calm indeed.
the actual 8x8 printed digipage was a quick page i downloaded from somewhere.

i added the paper ruffle and clamped it on with some adhesive and staples.
the letter are some really old white making memories that i LOVE.

i also added the ME in letter stickers.
i rounded the corners and stuck it all on a piece of kraft.
and it makes me happy.
plus i am listening to hall and oates so it is ALL good!
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