Thursday, December 30, 2010

A plan for 2011

As I furiously try to come up with ideas and tacticS for tackling the never-ending stream of pictures, I came up with some ideas. Just wanted to jog them down before they escape.

1. All my new pictures will be done digitally. It is just easier to keep up with and i will be able to get newer, fresher product. Also it works well with my add/OCD type a personality.

2. So what do I do with all the supplies I have accumulated thru the years? My plan is to scrap the pictures I already have printed. I really have to be cautious though, because there is only so much space in my house for bigger albums. I will probably be doing lots of catch up type pages.

3. Another goal I have set for myself is to make more cards and tabs and things of the sort to use up my supplies. I miss the feel of paper from time to time, so it will be fun to see where that takes me. I have no illusions of becoming a grand artiste though, just want to see where the road takes me.

4. Budget is going to be a BIG factor again this year. I need to sit down and evaluate the $$$ aspect of the hobby again. By doing this I was able to successfully kick the paper habit last year, so I am hoping to stay on track.

Here's To another good year...may it be better than the last.

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