Saturday, May 22, 2010

this is mayfest.

every year our church and parochial school have a mayfest to raise funds for the organization.
and every year i dread it.
the hours are long, we have to work 5 days and the kids roaming the grounds are a nightmare.
did i mention the hours were long?
as much as i can't stand the thought of being stuck in one place for 5-6 hours, it can bring good memories.
this is my friend patience. and her name is well earned:)
she has four children under nine and is a R.N. at one of our local hospitals.
patience and her husband, tony have become very good friends...always there to lend a hand without fail.
we are blessed to count them in our very limited circle of friends.
yesterday we were working the money wheel and we had some very stimulating conversatin with the rest of the parents who were there with us.
so i guess that HAVING to work the mayfest isn't that bad?
will be taking pictures and posting some pages soon.
i am minimizing BIG time:)
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