Friday, May 28, 2010

things to do this weekend and other ramblings.

ok. bullet list time.

  • clean closets and put away laundry
  • mop floors
  • wait delivery of new mattress on saturday! YAY!
  • paperscrap some pages. need to use up some paper
  • clean out zoe's room and clear out unwanted furniture
  • finish watching torchwood season 2
  • still battling the ants. ugh.
  • listen to paperclipping podcast while i use up paper.
i placed my shutterfly order this week and am waiting for 2 photobooks.
also have to scrap together cash for my scrapping simply order but want to get to 50 pages before i do that...maybe a deal will come up soon.
and costco's is now doing bound books! cool beans.

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