Monday, June 29, 2009

why 100 pages/100 cards? someone asked my WHY 100 pages/100 cards?
i decided a few weeks ago (after i spent 15.00 on a few sheets of paper and a tombow adhesive) that i was literally scrapping in circles. a vicious circle if you will.
it went something like this: do a few pages, get the itch to buy something new, BUY something new, throw it on the pile and all the rest of the older stash goes unused.
Don't get me wrong....i make TONS of pages, so the paper i DO buy gets used eventually. It just seems like such a waste to have so many perfectly lovely and usable things just sitting there.
It's a much better idea to actually work the stash into awesome , cool, FUN pages that can be finally put in albums. i am all about the useitup, especially in the economy funk we are in.
and that is my reasoning.
for the month or two, EVERYTHING you see on my pages will be stuff from my very own stash.
i stocked up on SU cardstock and have some PTI and bazzill to fill in the empty spots. i CAN buy adhesive and journaling pens if necessary.....but only with coupons.
my prize at the end will be a few 12x12 albums to finally be able to organize my bigger pages. acmoore is carrying WRMK 3 ring binders...YEAHHHH BABY!
so without further ado, here are the weekends pages and cards:)

page 18: i got this idea from a simple scrapbooks simple scheme ( jan/feb. 2009, pg 55) did i mention that i love SU's kraft cardstock? it matches everything! plus i can get it in 8.5x11. big PLUS for me. using the same MM paper kit, with a little ribbon.
page 19: ahhhhhh baja breeze, how i LOVE YOU! that is like the best SU color ever:) again, i used the same MM paper kit with a HS label and i stamped the background with Unity's gratitude=joy  and baja breeze ink. i LOVE this page. i pop-dotted the focal picture with the title. i DIG pop dots:) 
card 5: simple 3.5 x 3.5 card with a few leftover scraps and unity stamps. most of cards will be this size until i finish the two boxes of pre-scored i made a few months back when i cut down my bazzill:)

i feel that my scrapbooking has taken me on an amazing journey...and now i think that i am comfortably at home with my style and the process that makes me HAPPY:)


BonnieRose said...

that card is stunning.. and yes I can relate.. I have to cut down on my spending too.. but the Unity KOTM is something I give myself every month, if not anything else. I have plenty of other stuff in my studio. Unity is my little piece of heaven every month! Love your creations! hugs

Jenn said...

I do the same thing ;) I buy something I HAVE to have and then I don't have the time to use it and move on to the next thing I HAVE to have. I have cut back a TON though and now just try to use what I have as well

Great layouts :)

Vicki said...

Wow! What a busy lady! Your pages are awesome and I love the colors and detail in your card! I need to get busy now! Blessings to you!

Lorri said...

You are now going to be my motivation to get my scrapbooking up and running again and also to make at least a card a week.

Heather Brown said...

WOW What an amazing idea!!! I used to be proud to say that I didn't have a large unused stash and now I defiantly can't say that!!! Hmmm may be fun to start this as well!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Ari Vega-Macias said...

i would love to start a group somewhere.
any ideas? it is hard to keep up with a yahoo group...maybe somewhere on SCS? just a thread we could keep going?
i am so happy that i am not the only one going thru this. it is really hard to see people buying new stuff when i can't:(
BUT...i am psyched to get my stash used up!!!!

Marcy said...

Your card is beautiful... I have Unity KOTM's that i havent even got inked up yet. I am a sale nut...I need to stop spending as well..Hubby has been out of work 1 1/2 yrs now. Maybe you will inspire us all to use up our stock.

Rhiannon said...

what an inspiration! Thanks so much for sharing your story...I can so sympathize. I may just put myself on this lean diet too :) though my unity is my guilty pleasure...perhaps just say no to everything else...we'll see. Good Luck!

Oh yeah, and the layouts are GREAT!! Thanks so much for sharing :)

Linda's Craziness said...

Really like the card. My daughter would love it for the color alone. I alway scrap in vicious circles. Usally don't get much done lately tho. I have scrapped a dozen pages this year. Made two recipe books and over 400 cards so far thos. TFS great work