Tuesday, March 15, 2011

quick bullet point list:)

  • working on some freebie templates based on my latest paper layouts. they will be here in a few days:)
  • the dh 's b'day was today! hehehheee...now he is 42 too!
  • did a MAJOR de-clutter today. pics coming soon. we are sooooooo almost to the point where we want to be as far as the house goes!
  • devyn's parent/teacher today. she did good!
  • lots of paper scrapping coming soon.
  • reading resumed last nite: the last colony by john scalzi:) WOOOHOOOO.
  • did another costco run for hangers/butter/milk/copy paper plus some other stuff i can't remember.
  • i need an early nite in bed. seriously:)

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