Thursday, March 17, 2011

Paper: @ a crossroads.

going thru a bit of a change around here.
our downsizing has reached a critical point.
we are pretty much there.
unfortunately something has to give and i am thinking that my already small scrap space will be it.
the dh is learning feng shui and feng shui says my stuff has got to go! LOL.
it is a choice that we have had to make in order to make ourselves healthier and to live a minimal lifestyle.
so in the next few days my paper scrapstuff will be going into storage (for the time being) until i can find a way to incorporate it somehow into our new lifestyle.
in the meantime here's a little more useit up:)
i love this little picture of my heart and soul.


and the past puppies in our lives.
one of my biggest regrets was not having them NOW instead of then.
and i used my cricut/surecutsalot.
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