Thursday, March 31, 2011


i got these memorykeeper albums for $5 @ my acmoores a few months back.
they are 8x8 and they KILL ME!
the rings are spaced really weird and i cannot find page protectors to fit them.
of course, i no longer get any scrap stuff unless it is digital or i have a coupon and these protectors are not available in my area.
what's a girl to do?

it just popped into my head that my digi pages do not HAVE to be in page protectors.
and then my brain exploded.

once i was conscious again, i fiddled with my 3 hole punch and set to getting this little book started:)

i have been around for 4 decades (YIKES) so i am breaking down my "about me" digi pages into four chapters.
this might not work for everyone, but it is making me SOOOOOO happy right now!
and we can all use some happy once in a while.

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