Sunday, March 13, 2011

things i am working on: a bullet list:)

  • two days ago i went to michaels and bought a 12x12 ac binder and a pack of tombow adhesive. with 40% coupons. i am committed to getting my binder of misc. condensed and integrated into my library of memories system. and to using up my stash...because it is cool stuff and it needs to be used.
  • yeaterday posted this SWEET page of digital freebies 
                                      freebie page

  • getting my digital pages all uploaded and ready to print in a few weeks. getting close to the magic $50.00 mark:) persnickety is getting another order!
  • trying to not over think or over organize. my ocd gets in the way of getting a LOT more done sometimes. i am a work in progress for sure.
and that is is it for today. i am off to scrap some more paper.

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