Saturday, September 25, 2010

97: why allison kimball ROCKS!

ok. so you need to get yourself to this link first for the freebie and then bookmark allison kimball's blog.
go to allison's blog: CLICK IT!l
this is the 2 page spread that eventually morphed from the freebie she posted.

i added a little and moved things around to make it a 2 pager for my shutterfly book. september has been a little hectic so we haven't takes as many pictures and the ones we do have are from our cameras, but i digress (as usual). i had already used these elements on another page, but this was PERFECT for this particular group of totally unrelated pictures.

as cool as the freebies are...and i DO love a good freebie as we all know, i HEART allison's blog because of the content. wonderful stories and heartfelt journaling. she is truly gifted:)
bookmark the blog and read it as you would a good book:)
hybrid coming later!

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