Thursday, September 16, 2010


this last year has been all about getting the pages into some kind of condensed order.
our house has been shrinking as the kids are growing and i think i am getting age-induced claustrophobia. too many pictures, too many pages, too much bulk.
necessity is the mother of motivation, i guess. plus the girls are getting bigger and the melancholy over the older picture and pages is more intense.
so i cleared out the coffee table and condensed all my min-books there. it's like memory central:)
book binding rings are my new best friends because of things like this:) i found a bunch of 6x6 pages that had no albums and because we are BROKE i decided to just punch holes into them and threw it into the tray with the rest of them.
i think i need a bigger tray.
lots of mini books. and they are close to the window, so if we ever have to we can just throw the whole thing out:)

this is what the pages look like when i punched the holes into the pages:)

eventually i will make a cover, but for now it will stay like this. and it is OK...cause i can:)
i like that i am evolving and minimizing and just loving the process again.

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A said...

"i am evolving and minimizing and just loving the process again."

I feel the same way by starting in with digital pages. Love seeing all your mini's