Friday, September 24, 2010

98: quick pages RULE!

ok. so here's the story with today's digital page.
i woke up SUPER early(5:00 a.m.) and decided to check my blogs real quick on my ipad.
anna aspnes has the bestest free quick page at her blog today:
click here for anna's AMAZING freebie:)
while you are at it, anna has the greatest content on her site. all kind of informative, cool info on digi stuff. look around:)
this is the layout i made using the quick page. i added a bottom layer of white cardstock from designerdigitals, resized the quick page by a tiny bit, some text and a title made with an ali edwards brush. it took about 15 minutes start to finish.
the great thing is that if i were to make this page from scratch (i couldn't do it, BTW) it would take forever, but anna did it for me. and it is PERECT for this scanned picture from the 70's that was distressed enough. seriously? it doesnt get better than this. and free on top of that?
 love he digi world.
ps. i am the little girl in the middle:)

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