Thursday, September 23, 2010

99: fun with svg file freebies and my cricut.:)

ok. so i found this freebie:
clicke here for deena rutter's halloween freebie:)
and i was like, cricut is just gathering dust on my desk. so i broke it out, powered it up and got my scal program ready.
i cut the file out to cover the whole sticky mat thingie.
it looked like this when it came out of the cricut.
my cricut is the first edition, which will probably be an antique in a few years, but it does the job and i got it for free from my aunt. i dig it, but sometimes i just don't have the time to sit and cut things out, kwim? but i loved the doodly trees, and i still have a ton of halloween pics to scrapbook.
 this is what my short list of supplies looked like. i wanted to do something fast and fun that would get some pics into my binders PRONTO!

and this is the end result. i freehanded the pattern paper shapes to fit in the tree outlines and i like how they look all irregular. added a few letter stickers and popdotted the birds. VOILA. finished page.
quick, heh?
hope you enjoyed today's pages. i will be back tomorrow with some more countdown scrapping!

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