Monday, September 20, 2010

wanna do the hybrid? 102 and counting down.

ok... so last year i started digi-scrapping.
it has been almost a year (in november) and i am just now getting to the point where i am pretty much up to date with current pictures.
i decided to try the digi-hybrid thing as part of my 102 days of stash:)
my inspiration was this post by CZ:

awesome tutorial by Cathy Zielske

in keeping with my no buy for the next 102 days policy, i used this NEATO template:

i printed the part of the template i wanted to use...and if you want the kit i used, it is part of the dailydigi files for this month:
it's only 7.50 with a pdf file using the kits:) soooooo cool.

glued it all down on some craft and got my color boxes out. i added some brown rik-rak and neutral buttons.
scroll down for the next part of my experiment:)


Katie said...

What a fun project!

Karla said...

Hybrid! YEAH!!!! This is simple and cute! Thanks for the shot out honey!!!