Wednesday, September 29, 2010

94: doing the hybrid.

sometimes i will download a freebie template and totally forget who made it.
totally my bad.
this page is one of those templates.

 this is the finished digital layout after i flattened the layers and saved it as a jpeg. it's cut, but there's a lot of white space. and i need to maximize every page i can:)

since i am sooooooo smart and i can't figure out how to print borderless on my epson printer, i just cut the edges off and back it with some cardstock. of course, i have no idea who makes that either:)

the digital kit is from amy wolfe and is included in the dailydigi files. have i mentioned how awesome  the daily digi is?
at this point in the scrapping game i am using as many paper things i can to squash the stash as much as possible. i am actually finding the whole process to be very freeing. just throwing stuff onto a big page can be a LOT of fun. i totally forgot that part:) plus i can use some glue. that's neat.

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