Tuesday, July 5, 2011

the good part and the bad part:)

ok...so the good part about digital is that i can crank the pages out.
the bad part about digital is that i can crank the pags out:)
i am trying to pace myself, but it is hard.
we have so many events and so many things in our lives to document that i can easily rack up 50-100 pages every 2 months.
and even though digital is less expensive in the long run, my persnicketyprint orders can cost $$$. it is quite the quandry.

part of the my life, my story book.

and a bunch of cute poochypages.
see what i mean?
let's analyze:
2 printed pages: 1.98 @ persnickety OR 2.98 @ costco for 8x8.
16 pictures scrapbooked: if printed individually as 4x6 = 3.04.
scrapbooked digitally i do not use adhesive/paper/embellishments or page protectors.
now, i DO purchase the occasional digital kit, but i have slowed WAAAAAYYYY down and tend to scrap with mostly quality freebies. i do buy the dailydigi files @ 7.50 monthly and the quartertly asst. @ sweetshoppedesigns for 3.99.
if karla dudley releases a kit i am all over it.
theoretically i COULD scrapbook all my printed pictures with the stash supplies i still have in the closet and i DO....sometimes.
so what the best way to scrap on a budget?
beats me! LOL.

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