Tuesday, July 19, 2011

lots to do, little time.

i am working on a bunch of things lately and also trying to spend as much time with the family as possible.
here are a few freebies i have been collecting:

paislee press hybrid page: CHECK IT OUT!

cathy Z goodness: click HERE!

mandagirl templates = AWESOME!

i like templates and especially with LOTS of photos:) there are still a ton of pool pictures:) LOL.

a few pictures of my temporary space for paper scrapping in zoe's room. i just have to make sure i leave it clean, just n case she needs to work on the desk:)

98% of my supplies are in plastic shoeboxes, so it is easy to pick up.

my latest papering creation:)

doing a lot of mucho photo pages:)

and using up paper supplies. the more i use, the less guilty i feel:) YAY!

lots of memories on one 2 page spread....sighhhhhhhhhhhhh

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