Friday, July 8, 2011

this 12 year old girl:)

is almost 13.
she brings me more joy and heartache than i ever though possible.
she is so smart and so beautiful and so loving.
she has asperger's syndrome and she has severe eczema and she is not very social at times.
she screams and is loud and has no filter.
she loves writing and reading and drawing and watching movies.
her favorite band is the police and jamirogui and the clash and it can change on a dime.
she gives the best hugs and she still holds my hand in public and she kisses me when i am feeling bad.
even at her worst i couldnt possibly imagine a world without her. she is my heart and soul, my boo-boo and my lovey.
she is the only one that will swallow a pill and sometimes i think that the universe is cruel to make her life so hard.
every day that she is happy is a victory and every day she is miserable is another stab to my heart.
every single second with her makes me richer and happier and proud to be her mom.
everyone she meets falls in love with her.
she makes it so very easy.
i love you more than a million moons, my zorro.
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