Sunday, July 24, 2011

A few Sunday morning thoughts.

So again I am awake waaaaaayyyyyyy before everyone else in the family.
Here's a few thoughts I am having this morning.

1. I went to acmoores to get new markers fOr Zoe. I had an extra 50% coupon so i got a three pack of tomboy adhesive. Maybe for some paper scrapping. of right now I have 54 pages @persnickety to print. Thinking I will let them pile up to 1,000 cause I am broke.

3. The kids are way bored. G's shift keeps changing so it is impossible to make any plans to do anything. Ugh.

4. Wondering if I should try and read Clive barkers imajica. I need a big long book to help me sleep at nite.

5. Pool days are really tiring. Once I get out of the pool al I want to do is sleep. Maybe I should get in the pool at ten pm.

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