Monday, July 12, 2010

making my own album: 12x12

my nemesis: the 12x12 album.
a long time ago, i made a LOT of 12x12 pages, mainly for my mom's store in orlando. after she closed the store, i came back from a visit with a big box full of samples.
the pages were in a big plastic box and i had no idea what to do with them, mainly because my storage space is so limited now.
a few weeks ago i was reading one of my fave blog eliseblaha:enjoy it (you can find it at the sidebar-->)
she made an amazing wedding album, modifying a binder with book rings, and i thought...i can do that!

so i did:) i took an old 12x12 postbound album, cut the spines out, covered the edges with 12x12 cardtock strips and a LOT of glue, punched holes with my trusty cropodile....
and voila! a coool book that holds a bunch of pages until i can figure out how else to store them.

thank you miss elise:) you are an inspiration!

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