Sunday, July 25, 2010

my halloween album:)

i was totally inspired by elise blaha-cripe's halloween album for this halloween:)...that and the fact that i can't move and am so bored i could literally chew my leg cast off.
every morning i get up, do my morning rituals with the help of my husband and then sit in the living room for most of the day.
so i am reading, watching movies and scrapping to pass the time and not lose what's left of my brain cells.
the stash is going done and i used up a BUNCH of old stuff to make this not so mini album. maybe i even ran out of halloween stuff. there are enough printed pics to make  about 2-3 regular pages for the girls, but i am leaving those for later when i get some cool new halloween paper.
i tink it came out nice...i'll maybe even add some more pages later...but the bulk of the pics are done.
now i can scrap some digi stuff.

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