Friday, July 16, 2010

Three pages:12 pictures done

And a lot of memories documented because I felt that i had to.
My switch to digital has made me take a really close look at the way I have been approaching the scrap in the last few days.
In the past I have been driven by a need to scrapbook every single picture I have ever taken. I really believe that this stems from my own insecurities from my childhood. Never having a real kid story to remember about myself and not having anyone to really ask. So to compensate for my own children I have documented them to the extreme.
I have so many pages that they have literally taken over about twenty-five percent of my living space or this really necessary?
12x12 books are really out of the question. Too big too bulky too much. So i have a bunch of those and a bunch of 8.5x11 binders and mini books and 8x8 binders and so much more.
Right now I am in fill in mode. Making pages and filling in the gaps. Choosing and picking out the best pictures and discarding the rest. I do not need 50 pictures of the same thing over and over.
So a lot of the stuff is going into the circular files.
I am appointing importance to the pictures that deserve it and the rest are going bye bye.
Like the fifty pictures of the stripper guy at my sister in laws bridal shower or the many many pictures of people and things that are just not important to me.
It is time to make choices about what is important to me and my family.
Like those 50 stripper pictures. ewwwwwwww.

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