Tuesday, March 30, 2010

quick pages:)

when i decided to start scrapping digitally, my main reason was to save time and space.
there are days when i just want to scrap pretty pages without draining my brain searching for creativity.
enter the quick page!
there are so many designers that make beautiful pages for extremely reasonable prices. sometimes even free!
here are a few example, some with added embellishing and some as is.
quick pages are a neat way to try out digital scrapping and see if it is right for you!

quickpage from merkeley designs. this was a freebie i picked up on the 'net.
i dressed it up with a word strip from designhousedigitals and a brush from designerdigitals.
the page took all of 10 minutes! YAY!

quickpage from mscraps.
i cannot do inticate clusters like this to save my life, so i leave it to the experts and i just throw my picture on it:) this one took maybe 5 minutes? maybe even less.

another quick page from mscraps.
another case where i could never duplicate the clustering , but why try? it's all done for me!
all i did was edit the photo, write out the text and VOILA.


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