Monday, March 1, 2010

Now what? i am up to date on my pictures. thanxs to digital there are so many pages and memories recorded.
BUT. what do i do with the stack of pages and pictures i have laying around and not in albums?
the thought of putting them into albums has been the crux of my scrapping for years. Do i just put them in random albums or do i organize them....and if so, HOW? by month, date, theme?
my 12x12 are so out of control that sometimes it is all i can do to just not throw them all out of the window. there has to be an easier way. really.
i just have to think on it for just a little longer:)

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Anonymous said...

Have you thought about investigating Stacy Julian's Library of Memories (LOM) system? Her class at Big Picture Scrapbookking is already closed, but you can search around at her site, or anywhere in the digi scrap community for the basic concept. Even better, try to get your hands on her Photo Freedom book. The concept is simply scrapping and organizing according to story, person or memory, not necessarily date.