Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my little 5.5x8.5 album.

i have had a little hiller half pint album for almost as long as i have been scrapping. of course it is full of page protectors. in my effort to keep things easy and as organic and possible, i've managed to create a tight, very small creative box. the only way i have been able to manage to not go all over the place is staying inside the lines. i have to be totally digital, or totally paper, totally one size or another. it so hard letting go of that iron hard grip, but i feel that in order for me to grow i have to learn to step out.
today i am going to create some pages for my little hiller album...even if i lock up and want to throw it away. i have to re-acquaint myself with my paper stuff. it will be nice to say hello!!!

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