Friday, March 5, 2010

give it away...

i have a box of sizzix dies.
it includes the following:
lollipop numbers
tags: superscallop
        traditional combo
        tag set
        tab triangle
        super  crescent
        rectangle frame
        tabs, rectangle and traingle
primitive hearts and stars.
green holly and leaf.
i sold my red machine so i do not need these.
total of 20 dies.
will throw in any other stuffs that fit that are left over from andreas box.
cover my priority flat shipping- $20. and it is YOURS.
if not they are going to the salvation army on monday when i make my run of STUFF I NEED TO GET RID OF. i have to mail stuff so i would like to hear by then.
i can take paypal or gift certificates to any scrapstore (i need 8x8 AC albums). help me clean out please. LAST CHANCE:))))
i am trying to embrace my inner minimalist here. letting go and stopping the hoarding.

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