Sunday, December 7, 2008

Twilight...and why some books......

should never, EVER be made into movies. unless Peter Jackson is directing or the late Stanley Kubrick or Tim Burton. and you would film all the movies in a row. and you would get a casting director who knows what they are doing.
This movie was B-A-D. with a capital B.A.D.
Robert Pattinson has a lazy eye.  Peter Facinelli looked like a fluorescent light bulb. The love scenes had about as much chemistry as my box of bottled water. Kristen Stewart must have been on xanax throughout the filming because ALL her lines were delivered in the same annoying, monotonous tones. Nikki Reed was horribly was just a trainwreck. and the cheesefest that were the flashbacks? UGH. I could go on and on.
i had such high hopes for the movie. They were dashed the moment i realized i want them to fall off the tree in the 'let's admire the awesome view from where only a vampire can get you" scene.
but i will say........i REALLY REALLLY want the lipstick shade they used on "Edward". Now that was awesome!

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