Friday, December 5, 2008

More of my ScrapSpace:) my space isn't gorgeous, but it sure gets the job done. i am fortunate enough to have a DH who is very handy. We finished the basement together. the color on the walls is horrible and we are getting it re-painted in the summer. My desk is against the wall so i can prop stuff up. It is just one of those costco tables:) i have my color drawers next to it and my pattern papers in the cropper hopper holders.
I really cut down on the pattern paper during my last purge and kept only the stuff i REALLY loved. I have also used a LOT of it the last few months, cause that's how i roll:)
the holders on my desk are for punches, pens, adhesives finished pages and tools...things i want to make sure don't get lost! i like having the basic supplies on hand.

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