Saturday, December 20, 2008

Finally Christmas, reverse images!

............and then they sit back and enjoy. An actual spontaneous quiet moment caught between Zoe and Devyn. Makes it ALL worthwhile.
The finished product:) Zoe made me add more "colored" lights because the tree is pre-lit with white lights. Ours is not the most coordinated or designer tree, but it is full of wonderful memories that we get to re-live every year:) i LOVE that!
Our precious tree top angel. I is the heart of our tree and though it is OLD and not very fashionable, we LOVE it and would never, ever trade it for another.
The decorating frenzy begins. i TRIED to organize, but the usual chaos kicked in.
so this was the start of the tree. we set it up and were too tired to put up the ornaments:)

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