Wednesday, December 31, 2008

End of the Year Post:)

So i made it through 2008.
i am happy that we all got through it in one piece.
My DH still has his job, we are still above water financially, the girls are thriving and i am happy.
This year we have been through hospital stays, loss of family members, scary medical moments, scary financial moments and the one thing that had held it all together has been our family bond.
i love this crazy bunch of individuals and wouldn't want to be anywhere else but with them!
Next year we are looking forward to an ACTUAL vacation, a wedding (WOOOOHOOOOO) and lots more of the same craziness that makes our lives so COOL:)
SO here's to the new year. It will most definitely be better AND worse that 2008.....and i welcome it with open arms!

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