Monday, August 29, 2011

using stash: project life supplies:)

so i have to admit that my stab @ project life was an epic fail.
i got to the month of may and i ran out of steam.
maybe it is because digital scrapbooking made more sense to me? i am not sure.
BUT..... i am not one to hoard anymore or to waste stuff, so while watching tv i decided to tackle a photo box of pictures that was in the basement.
my bed was full of little piles of memories.

the mostly empty box after i made all my piles:)

i filled up a bunch of page protectors with pictures that i had not scrapped.
this made me very, very happy:)

for now, the pictures are in the album...waiting for embellishments, but to have them IN something is huge
being able to look at them is even BIGGER!

i repurposed the plastic divider boxes for small paper pieces that i will probably use for the albums.
lots of little tabs, project life and ki memories pieces.

the best pictures i put in my to scrap box...all nice and organized for whenever i want to paper scrap:)
if nothing else, this stuff is ready to go!

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