Monday, August 15, 2011

i have a secret.

....but first some new pages:)

so my secret?
the last few days i have been paper scrapping. like with a vengeance.
 not that i am going to share the pages anywhere...not even this blog.
it is a lot of old paper and embellishments and kraft cardstock and old pictures and memories that make me cry whenever i sit @ my desk.
and it is important that i am getting the done.
we all live on borrowed time and lately i have been feeling the pull to just get things done.
so i am.
on the way i have been figuring out where i am and where i want to be with this little hobby of mine.
one of my best memories is of me sometime in 1998, sitting on the floor with scissors, a few pieces of paper, pens and a creative memories album.
cutting pictures onto circles and wishing i had something to make them perfect.
the whole scrapbooking thing was so new and fun.
it's been a long time since then, huh?

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