Friday, January 7, 2011

work in progress 1/10:

this is what my scrapping process looks like now:)
when i download a template i put pictures in it immediately.
then the whole file goes into the trash.
sometimes i finish them asap, sometimes the templates simmer for a while.

example: i downloaded simply yin's new freebie.
i used cofffeshop's little perk action to fix the pictures a little:)
then i placed all my pictures on the template. simply yin's templates are AWESOME for multi-picture layouts and i rarely modifiy them. when i am done, i just change the name of the file and save it.

one of my new year's resolutions was to organize my digi-stuff. i finally found a method that works @ the designhousedigitals blog. later on in the day i will flip thru my archive and see what fits the pictures.

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