Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Project Life Tuesday.

Last nite i received my project life kit.
i have been thinking about what i want to do with it.
at this point in my scrapping i am all about staying current with my new pictures and getting my printed pictures scrapped.

chloe likes the box...it reminds her of the apple packaging.

this morning i went through my pictures and decided that it is time to get my childhood pictures done.
lots of them are cropped into circles (i didn't know any better) and some are in pretty bad shape.
it will be a journey for sure.
before i do put them into the album i will be scanning them so i can use them later on if i decide to.
the boxes are labeled according to decade and place. i have:
the 70's: puerto rico
the 70's NYC
the 80's: puerto rico
the 80's NYC.
there are a lot of memories that i want to record for my family.

organizing the materials is always my favorite part!
there are so many ways that i could scrapbook these pictures, but at the moment this makes the most sense. it is time to get this done in a permanent way:)


Kelli said...

oooh that's a fabulous idea

Sheila said...

How wonderful! I didn't even think about using the kit that way. Happy Project Life Tuesday!