Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Project Life: first pages:)

i am tackling a BIG project this year.
the thought of doing this project has almost paralyzed me.
i finally decided that i had to get it done. the years are passing and the memories are getting fuzzier and fuzzier.
of course, i have the yuckiest pictures ever...being a child of the 70's and all.
this is a small sampling of the pics:

lots of those reddish/yellow 70's prints that match absolutely NO traditional scrapbooking supplies.
this is my solution.

i ordered a project life because i was not sure if i wanted to do a project 365 or not.
the moment i ordered it, i knew i was not going to use it for the intended.  

i cropped the picture a little before i used them...but that's ok, because i scanned them first, just in case.

i added a few letter stickers from my stash and used a sheet of the 12x12 paper for additional photo mats.
all done and in less than an hour with minimum effort.
YAY becky higgins:)!

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