Tuesday, November 22, 2011

QUINCE: transforming the dress:)

we are planning chloe's quince for june 2.
her birthday is actually on dec. 2, but the thought of a winter event was just not fun.
so we pushed it back to her 15.5
my mom sent me my little sister's formal dresses, including the one she had special made for her quince.
while i LOVE the theme of lord of the rings and the whole medieval thing, i thought it would make miss chloe look like an exact replica....which we did not want.
the top of the dress is a beautiful silver lace with rhinestones. that stays:)

the bottom of the dress had a v of silver corded lace to make it look medieval. that came off.
it is GORGEOUS so i plan to use it to make something else for the dress

the sleeves are coming off. i will leave the underpinning OF the chiffon on the sleeve so it does not itch,

i am also planning on a petticoat to make it a little fuller, plus i want to make the skirt sparkle, so i will be adding crystals.
i never had a quince and i want ALL my girls to have one.
chloe deserves a big huge party with all the trimmings, she is everything i could have ever wanted
in a daughter and i'll be damned if she doesn't get it ALL.

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