Wednesday, November 23, 2011

making project life work for me

earlier this year i purchased project life, fully expecting to do a 365 type album.
life got in the way.
i was able to stay on track until may and then i just fizzled out.
since then i have been using the elements of the kit on other projects and i still have TONS of paper tidbits left.
i just started this random memories book.

i had a pack of baseball card page protectors in my stash.

and this 1.5 stack of old printed pictures of family.

my library of memories storage

this is the rest of my printed pictures. thankfully they are all in one place. YAY ME!!

the process for this album is simple.
i cut down the cards and pictures to fit the page protector spaces

when i am finished filling up the spaces, i'll add journaling on the cards. it is really important for me to get this done.
these pictures have survived thru so much, especially the ones that are my husband's. i want to make sure that the memories are captured, however small.

isn't that what scrapbooking is all about?

1 comment:

Lucrecia said...

YES it is! I love that you are doing old pictures! I spend so much time with current pictures / events that the old stories aren't being told!